December 2021

T1 Nativity Production of Babushka 2021
Dec 2021
Parents and children alike were enchanted by T1’s rendition of their Russian Christmas story, Babushka. Babushka lived in the countryside and opened her door, one snowy night, to find three men standing before her. She wanted to join them in giving gifts to the King of Kings but had too much cleaning to do. T1 parents were invited to watch in person and the rest of Byron House enjoyed the Nativity being live-streamed to their own classrooms. The title character, Babushka, is an old lady who lives in Russia. She cleans her house all day long to stop herself noticing how lonely and sad
SJCS pupils performing in Piazza Brass an annual Christmas concert
Dec 2021
Parents and friends of the School were treated to a Christmas musical feast at our annual ‘Piazza Brass’ event at Senior House. Our brass players were also joined this year by many of our other talented young musicians to get the crowd into the festive spirit, including Form 5 and 6 Pop Choir, Big Band and Rednotes. Director of Music, Mr Simon Kirk, explained, “It was wonderful to be able to welcome St John’s families to listen to seasonal music performed by brass pupils from Senior House. Afterwards, the Big Band, the Form 5 & 6 Choir and Rednotes Jazz Ensemble entertained us