February 2022

Form 4 pupils at St John's College School studying buddhist art and creating mandalas
Feb 2022
Form 4 took part in a Thursday Afternoon Enrichment session that combined a talk about Buddhism, as part of their Religious Studies work, as well as an insight into Buddhist art with sand mandala creations. Director of Studies, Mr Tristan Igglesden, gave an insightful presentation about his recent trip to Sri Lanka and his visit to the World Heritage site at the Dambulla Buddhist caves. The cave monastery is a well-preserved cave temple complex of five caves, each with beautiful and extensive Buddhist mural paintings on the walls and ceilings. Besides the ancient cave paintings, there are
SJCS teams competing in the Science Quiz Club semi-finals 2022
Feb 2022
Three SJCS Science Quiz teams competed in the Semi-Finals of the Quiz Club National Inter-School Science Championships. As always, the questions were beyond the knowledge of the National Curriculum but the children took the challenge in their stride and battled it out for 5th place (Team 1), 8th place (Team 2) and 9th place (Team 3). The Quiz Club National Championships, for Years 5 and 6, are the largest inter-school competitions in the country. They are an exciting and challenging way to broaden our children’s scientific knowledge and they also offer a platform for our most able
Form 1 St John's pupils performing The Bumblesnouts Save the World by Debbie Campbell
Feb 2022
At the beginning of February Form 1 performed The Bumblesnouts Save the World by Debbie Campbell, a musical comedy that has now become a firm favourite amongst St John’s children and parents. As well as being infiltrated with humour, this play also had a strong moral and environmental message that our Earth is an amazing place and every living thing on it has a right to survive and thrive. The ‘Bumblesnouts’ are quirky, friendly aliens with an out-of-this world sense of humour who have come to visit earth in order to save the planet from all the environmental harm humans have been