April 2023

St John's pupils on the 2023 ski trip to La Thuile in Italy
Apr 2023
35 excited children and 6 eager staff packed their ski gear and headed to La Thuile in Italy for the St John’s 2023 ski trip. The journey went very smoothly and the children were even treated to a shout out by the pilot on the flight out, who was a close relative of one of the children. The group arrived at the resort to find beautiful views of the Aosta Valley and the Mont Blanc Massif and, from the top of the ski area, of the Tarantaise Mountains in France and the Matterhorn on the Italian/Swiss border. The evening was spent unpacking and then off to a delicious evening meal at one of
St John's pupils visiting the Bay of Naples 2023
Apr 2023
A group of children from Forms 5 and 6 enjoyed a trip to Sorrento and the Bay of Naples during the first week of the Easter holiday. The trip focused on the many classical sights in the area with the added bonus of Italian food, sunshine, and the beautiful surroundings and dramatic geography of the region. On Day 1, the group hiked up the path to the top of Mount Vesuvius (the last kilometre, anyway): its summit offers a panoramic view of the whole Bay of Naples. Already familiar with the devastation wrought by the cataclysmic eruption in 79 CE, whose casualties included – in all