Assessment Mornings at SJCS

We assess all children whose parents wish to register them for a 7+ place.  Admission at 7+ is via a morning of assessment which usually takes places on a Saturday early in the Lent term prior to the September of entry to the school.  Before this, we do like parents to have had a chance to see the school, to get a real sense of our unique approach to education through tours and discussions, to ensure that this is the right school for them and for their child.  A report is requested from the child’s current school to help us to understand a child’s background in making our own assessment.

The Assessment Morning

The assessment morning is designed to be as much like a normal morning at school as possible. Children are divided into small groups and are in the pastoral care of one teacher throughout the morning. In the course of the morning they will have Maths, English, Drama &Music, Art and PE, all of which are specialist taught and are observed by at least two teachers.

All in all, the children are never left without support and we help them over any difficulty. They should very much have enjoyed their time with us and while this is a valuable aim in itself, it also allows us to observe them in circumstances where they feel they can be themselves. They should come bouncing out to meet their parents, carrying whatever it is they have made in their Art session, happy that they have been looked after. The anxiety of the occasion will most probably have been felt much more by parents than by their children!

In the English and Maths papers, while we note what children have achieved, we also look very much for potential. Drama/Music, Art and PE are all assessed, as is a child’s reading age. Where a learning difficulty has been reported prior to the assessment, or where a possible learning difficulty becomes apparent during assessment, our Individual Needs specialists produce notes as appropriate.