Fireworks Night at St John’s

Fireworks Night at St John’s College School always marks the real start of winter and is, without exception, the most splendid display in the area. This year parents, children and friends came out in large numbers to marvel at the rockets and Catherine wheels in a cold, clear sky. There was barely time for the Headmaster, Neil Chippington, to count down before the first blast of colour rocketed upwards.

There is something quite special as a young child to be out late in the dark with your friends. As you looked across the playing fields the air was full of laughter, smoke and glowing bracelets. More people than ever attended this year and credit goes to all those involved in the organising and helping on the night.

Emma Anderson, co-Chair of the PA, said, “This is by far my favourite event at the School and this year was once again amazing. The large number of volunteers and staff must be thanked for making it so spectacular.” Catering Manager, Richard Goldby, and his team worked hard to provide lovely hotdogs, hot chocolate, doughnuts and drinks while Facilities Manager, Tom Street, and his crew kept everyone safe. The evening was wrapped up by 8.30pm with last minute hot chocolate and doughnuts consumed. It was lovely to have the whole school share an event together.