Form 2’s ‘Getting to Know You’ Challenge Day

Form 2 enjoyed a fun day getting to know each other on the St John’s playing fields at the end of their first week of term. The children were involved in a variety of team building activities and had to utilise their communication skills to work effectively as a team. The children in all three of the Form 2 classes were put into mixed groups, enabling new friendships to form whether they were new to the school or not.

The children were kept physically active and mentally stimulated by a wide range of challenges such as working out how to get into height order without stepping off the line, how to get your team first across the line on just two planks by walking at the same pace and time and how to carry water containers with a stretcher as a team, to name a few. All the games were designed to strengthen the bonds within the year group, test their communication and listening skills, develop trust in their teams and, above all, to have fun.

One Form 2 child involved in the day explained, “I have been at St John’s since Kindergarten but I worked with children I’d never worked with before and I also got to know all the new children. We worked really hard in our teams but we also had so much fun!”. Another child said, “You couldn’t just have your own ideas, you had to work hard to listen to your teammates and work out the best way to solve each problem. We also spent all day outside!”