West Road Summer Concert 2022

The Summer Concert at the West Road Concert Hall was, again, an extraordinary evening in a great venue that will long be remembered by those who came and all who took part. St John’s pupils took to the professional stage with joy, confidence and skill to play and sing a delightfully varied and balanced programme of first-rate quality. Director of Music, Mr Simon Kirk, commented, 'It was such a delight to be back at West Road Concert Hall for our first full-scale Summer Concert since 2019 and the children involved rose to the occasion admirably.'

Approximately 150 children from Form 1 (Year 3) to Form 6 (Year 8) took part in the annual Summer Concert. The event included a Symphony Orchestra of 100 pupils, a Big Band of 30, a Chamber Orchestra of 30 of the most experienced instrumentalists, and various smaller choral and instrumental, classical and non-classical ensemble items.

Three of our departing Form 6 pupils performed solos - two on the piano (Chopin and Debussy) and one on the electric guitar (Guns N' Roses) - showcasing exceptional skill and assurance in their playing. Mr Kirk explained, 'The concert demonstrated our absolute commitment to, and success in, achieving our aims of enjoyment, inclusivity and high standards. For some ensembles, the concert represented the culmination of a year's work, whilst for the larger instrumental groups, an intense rehearsal period of five days was all that was required.'

One audience member commented, 'As ever, we are so admiring of the very joyful, inclusive and supportive way music is taught at St John's all throughout the year' and another remarked, 'Thank you for another wonderful night of music, as ever, such a happy and impressive occasion and so lovely to see so many children having the opportunity to perform together.'