News list

Choir Tour to Switzerland and Germany

Aug 2014
After the end of term the Choristers set off with St John’s College Choir on a short but concentrated tour to Switzerland and Germany. Their first stop was to the French-speaking Swiss city of Lausanne, ready for their inaugural concert at the Verbier Festival on 25 July.  The Choir travelled north for a concert at the Dom St Blasius in the Black Forest in Germany and then drove back to Switzerland to the Italian-speaking city of Lugano.

Johnian Golf Day 2014

Jul 2014
The second St John’s College School Association Golf Day took place at the Royal Worlington and Newmarket Golf Club on 18th July 2014. Twelve former pupils, some playing in the event for the first time, gathered, with five current members of staff, to play 18 holes of golf on a pleasantly warm day. The golf was possibly secondary to the opportunity for members of the Association, of various ages, to chat and share memories as they made their way around the course. 

Parents' Association Charity Fun Day

Jun 2014
Parents’ Association events have raised almost £12,500 for charity this year. This term’s Fun Day raised £1300 for the Street Child World Cup charity. The Fun Day was in its second year, incorporating the well-loved Fun Run and was designed for all ages to have an action-packed afternoon of sport and play with St John’s families, friends and staff.

Choristers Sing at 70th Anniversary D-Day Services

Jun 2014
The St John’s College Choir travelled to Normandy to take part in services that commemorated the 70th anniversary of D-Day. The Choir performed at three services over the course of the anniversary on Friday 6 June 2014. Performances took place at Bayeux Cathedral, Bayeux Cemetery and Arromanches and the commemoration was broadcast live on BBC One. St John’s College Choir was the only choir to sing at the British commemoration services, attended by members of the Royal Family as well as heads of state from all over the world.

Form 3 Production: Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs

Jun 2014
For their production this year, Form 3 presented Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, a dramatic adaptation of Roald Dahl’s unique take on the classic fairy-tale.  ​The children had no trouble engaging and maintaining the audience’s attention throughout the performance, immediately establishing a light-hearted and fun atmosphere with some spirited ensemble singing. Comic scenes were counterbalanced with decidedly more intense and moodier moments, with the children’s creation of the ‘Forest Wild’ through carefully choreographed mime and gesture a particular highlight. 

'Grow Your Money' raises over £5k for the charity "Blue Smile"

May 2014
Children throughout St John’s have raised a tremendous £5,733.02 for local charity, Blue Smile since the Easter holidays and the total is still rising. Blue Smile is a Cambridgeshire children’s charity that provides counselling and therapy for pupils in schools between the ages of 3 and 13 during a critical window of opportunity for change. The donation was raised by the ‘Grow Your Money’ initiative.

Architecture Workshop – F3 Design and Build a City

May 2014
To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong (Joseph Chilton Pearce) Using the above quote as inspiration, architects Mr Mariano Cavaleri and Mrs Abigail Shaw, both current St John’s parents, worked with Form 3 to design, build and construct a ‘city’ to scale, creating their own individual buildings and public spaces. 

Form 3 Welding Engineering Workshop - Building and Testing Chocolate Bridges

May 2014
The Welding Institute, based in Cambridge, visited St John’s as part of Form 3’s ‘Wonder Afternoon’. The children discovered that welding with chocolate is an innovative and fun way of demonstrating welding and engineering principles. Bridges are made of all kinds of materials; stone, steel, concrete, wood and, in this workshop, chocolate!

Exploring and Developing Thinking Skills

Apr 2014
The Thinking Skills initiative has been developed in Byron House to enhance the children’s ability to be logical, critical and creative thinkers. A wide range of transferable skills are taught through lessons across the curriculum and discrete thinking-skills lessons offer a further opportunity to practise decision-making, lateral thinking and mindmapping. The children are encouraged to gain a deeper understanding of their own preferred learning styles and to gain familiarity with a range of study and revision strategies. Lessons continue to focus on encouraging those habits of mind, such as curiosity, resilience and tenacity, that can play a significant role in a child's academic success and personal happiness. 

Form 5 Drama - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Mar 2014
The Fifth Form’s thespian offering this year, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, was a triumph from start to finish. When the young Alice’s attention is caught by the sudden presence of a curious White Rabbit, she follows it and inadvertently tumbles down the rabbit hole. Thus begin her bizarre and often psychedelic experiences in Wonderland: altercations with talking animals, both extinct and mythological; a tea party with a Mad Hatter and an even madder March Hare; and a game of croquet with a pack of cards, with flamingos for mallets, to name but a few.