Senior House Waiters

4:10pm to 5:30pm

We are pleased to offer the after-school facility, "Senior House Waiters", for day children in Forms 1-6. The facility provides Tea at 4.10pm, immediately following the final bell, and supervised prep from 4:20pm until 5.30pm, usually in the Library at Senior House. You may find that you will need this facility on a regular basis or only occasionally. Children in Forms 1 and 2 are escorted up the road to Senior House by a member of staff to join the Form 3-6 children for tea.

There is a charge for Senior House Waiters (please consult the Fees Schedule* for the current rates). Tea (a drink and a snack) will be provided by default for all children staying on after school unless you have supplied your own drink and snack from home. Please note that as of September 2017 there is no longer a charge for Tea. Any relevant charges will be totalled at the end of the term and added to your account.  

You may collect your child at any time between 4:20-5:30pm, but please ensure you sign them out with the member of staff on duty.  If collecting between 4:30-5:20pm you will need to press the call bell on the keypad at the main entrance at Senior House to enter the site as between those time the keypad is disabled.  Children who are not collected by 5:30pm will be taken to the Boarding House where staff there will assume care for them until they are collected. In this instance, they will be treated as a Whitfield Waiter and charged at the appropriate rate (as per the Fees Schedule*).

If you know in advance the days you will require a place for your child/children in "Senior House Waiters", please complete the online Waiters reply form and return it before the first day of term (you will be prompted to sign up during the weeks leading up to the start of term, via a message in website Portal).

If you do not know the days in advance and need to book in at short notice, please ring the Senior House (01223 353532) or Byron House (01223 353817) Secretaries as soon as you know you will need this facility. If your plans change and your child will not be staying for Waiters on a day they are booked in, please ensure you inform a member of staff at reception.


* If you are reading this page in the Summer Term, please click here to access the Fees Schedule which will apply from September.