Admission to Kindergarten at 4+

Firstly and most importantly, please be assured that we will be as caring as possible in our approach to you and to your child as we go through the admissions process together. What matters to us is that St John’s will be right for you and for your child and our admissions process is designed to help us all reach the right decisions without creating anxiety.

You can be assured that we do not keep pointlessly long waiting lists and will only accept a registration if there is a reasonable possibility of a place. If there is such a possibility when you contact us, we will arrange for you to visit us.

So that you can see us truly as we are, when not affected by Covid-19 visiting restrictions, you will be given a tour of each part of the school by the children, and will be most welcome to wander into lessons and talk to children and staff. You should get a real feel for the normal daily life of the school. You will spend time with the Headmaster and/or with the Head of the Junior Department, discussing your child, your and our educational hopes and aims, and getting answers to any questions you may have. By the time you leave, you should have a real sense of whether the distinctive education St John’s provides is right for you and for your child.

If we all feel that it is right to move forward, we need to reach a view, in so far as we can, of how happily your child will cope with the challenges of a school with a rich curriculum. We do not give children interviews or tests at such an early age but we do like to visit them in their nursery and/or invite them to spend some time with us at school to get to know them as individuals. We are very careful to ensure that little children are happy when they come to see us but it can be less stressful for them and for you if we drop in to observe them in a setting that is familiar to them.

This will take place in time to allow us to conclude the admissions process before Half Term in the Michaelmas Term prior to entry to the school. When it comes to offering places, we give priority to the brothers and sisters of children already in the school and the number of places available to non-siblings will therefore vary from year to year. The number of brothers or sisters we take will also determine the number of places left for girls and boys as we aim to have an equal mix of girls and boys within our maximum of 40 places. If we can only offer a waiting list place at this stage, we keep very much in touch with parents as circumstances change

Neil Chippington