Inspection Report

 St John’s College School – ISI Full Inspection Report 2013

The Independent Schools Inspectorate last carried out an Integrated Inspection, bringing together the Whole School, Early Years Foundation Stage and Boarding elements in May 2013. Strict criteria are set for the grading with criteria for the ‘Excellent’ grade set very high. In every category, St John’s gained the top grade.

The quality of boarding; the contribution of arrangements for welfare, health and safety; the quality of governance; the quality of leadership and management, including links with parents; the contribution of curricular and extra-curricular provision; the contribution of arrangements for pastoral care; the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of the pupils and the contribution of teaching were all graded ‘Excellent’.

In the category covering the quality of the pupils’ achievements and learning there is an additional grade: ‘Exceptional’, which places a school at the very top of the Excellent band. The quality of St John’s pupils’ achievements and learning was graded Exceptional.

With respect to compliance with regulatory requirements, the report confirmed that the school fully complied with all the requirements of the Independent School Standards Regulations and the National Minimum Standards for Boarding Schools.

You can access the May 2013 inspection report here.

 St John’s College School – ISI Spot Inspection Report 2015

In June 2015 the ISI visited to carry out an unannounced spot inspection (also known as an ‘emergency inspection’).  No reason is at any point given to the school for such an inspection, which focused only on the school’s compliance with some aspects of the Independent School Standards Regulations.

The inspectors’ report is full of praise for our care of the children, finds no fault at all in this regard and confirms the findings of the full inspection of May 2013 which deemed the school’s provision to be exceptional in all respects. However, it also states that in some respects regulations are not met with regard to the ‘wording’ of the school’s policy documentation, in addition to which an administrative error in recruitment checks was discovered and resolved during the visit.

The list of actions required to ‘improve the wording’ of policies has all been completed and the DfE has confirmed that our policy documentation fully meets all of the stated requirements. All of the school’s policy documents can be found on the website in the ‘Policies’ section, should you wish to read them, along with the ‘Provision of Information’ outline of what is available.

If you have any queries about the report, which can be found here, do feel free to get in touch (