Form 2 Ancient Egyptian Day

The Byron House Big Room was transformed into the busy market place of Thebes in c. 1347 BC. The Form 2 Ancient Egyptians, splendidly attired, were preparing for the festival of the Nile at the court of Queen Nefertiti. Activities included making Egyptian bread, fine fragrance cones for the ladies to wear in their hair, clay canopic jars for storage of those vital organs needed for the afterlife, clay lucky charms and frescoes, mummifying 'bodies', soap sculpting, archaeological digging and writing hieroglyphs.

The afternoon saw a Nile festival of grand proportions, attended by the Pharaoh and his Queen, Nefertiti. There was much quaffing of ‘wine’ and munching of ancient Egyptian cuisine. Entertainment was provided for the wonder of all and especially the royal party by storytellers and dancers.