Form 3 Production: Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs

For their production this year, Form 3 presented Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, a dramatic adaptation of Roald Dahl’s unique take on the classic fairy-tale. After the death of Snow White’s mother, her father, the King, takes the beautiful but devious and impossibly vain Princess Maclahose, owner of a magic mirror, for his second wife. When the mirror one day reveals that Snow White’s beauty now surpasses her own, the Queen commands her head Huntsman to kill her stepdaughter; lacking the resolve to follow this through, however, the Huntsman secretly allows her to go free. Snow White finds a home with seven ‘funny little men’ – ex-jockeys who are down on their luck, and sets about planning to help them and get her revenge on the Queen at the same time.

The children had no trouble engaging and maintaining the audience’s attention throughout the performance, immediately establishing a light-hearted and fun atmosphere with some spirited ensemble singing. Comic scenes were counterbalanced with decidedly more intense and moodier moments, with the children’s creation of the ‘Forest Wild’ through carefully choreographed mime and gesture a particular highlight. There were many standout performances, both dramatically and musically, with Snow White, the Huntsman, the Magic Mirror and the evil Queen all giving memorable renditions of their classic characters. The most striking quality of all was, however, the performance of the year-group as a whole: the unity with which such a large ensemble managed to create such an enjoyable and fantastical adventure for the audience demonstrated their outstanding teamwork and generosity as performers. A joy from start to finish, Form 3’s Snow White charmed children and adults alike.

One performer said, “Went I went on stage the light flashed in my eyes and I suddenly got the hang of the play. It was an unforgettable and really enjoyable experience.” Another child commented that his favourite part was, “When the Queen ate the heart the Huntsmen from the butcher’s shop.” A parent enthused, “St John’s certainly knows how to nurture confidence in and bring forth the talents of its pupils. We are indeed most fortunate to be able to see it at first hand. We look forward to the next production.”