Register for a place


Registrations may be accepted at any time from birth onwards.  Upon payment of the registration fee and completion of the appropriate documentation, a child will be registered on our list of possible entrants. However, it is important to understand that the acceptance of a registration form does not constitute the formal offer of a place.

If you wish to visit the school when your child is still very young, to decide whether to register, we are happy to arrange this but a visit should also be made when we will all be better placed to discuss things.

If you have registered for a Kindergarten place you will be asked to confirm your continued interest in a place at the beginning of the academic year in which your child is three.  You will also be asked to complete a brief questionnaire both to give us the contact details of any nursery or playgroup which your child will be attending and to help us to identify any matters which it may be helpful to discuss when we meet.

Arrangements will be made for you to visit, to tour the school with some of our children and to meet with the Head and/or the Head of the Junior Department. The majority of such meetings should have been completed by the end of the academic year in which your child is three years old.

Later Registrations

We continue to accept registrations while there remains some hope, however small, that a place may eventually be forthcoming. The procedure followed in such cases is as outlined above and it is not uncommon for us to be able to offer a place to a child registered quite late in the day.

Offers to Siblings

Priority is automatically given to siblings and places are likewise offered automatically unless there is some concern which requires us to discuss things further. We aim to have our lists of siblings clear one year in advance of the September of entry.

Offers to Non-Siblings

The main factor in determining our non-sibling offers is the number of places remaining once sibling offers have been made (in some years, up to half of our places are taken by siblings). Only at this point are we in a position to know how many of our 40 places will remain, approximately how many of these will be for boys or for girls and what issues of learning support, if any, might be involved.  We should be in a position to make our initial offers to non-siblings in the course of the Michaelmas term preceding the September of entry.

While it is regrettable, it is an inevitable consequence of our considerations of siblings and of gender balance in particular, that we are unlikely to be able to offer places to all those non-sibling children whose parents have followed the registration procedure. It is not our intention to create such difficulties and we do our best to keep parents informed of the progress of their registration.

Parents of children to whom we are not able initially to offer places will be informed of this. However, experience shows that the circumstances of families can change and we almost always find ourselves able to make further offers of places during or after the end of the Michaelmas term preceding entry. Parents who are able to wait may therefore find that a place becomes available quite late in the day, for one reason or another.

Getting to know the children

As part of our effort to get a full picture of a child, we assume that you will be happy for us to visit your child in his or her current nursery or playgroup should we feel that this would be helpful. We cannot do this in all cases but, where we can, we find that it gives us a much better feel for the child than we are likely to gain when they come to see us for a brief visit later on in the proceedings. Such visits may take place before or after a firm offer of a place has been made. In any case, when Covid-19 visitor restrictions are not in place, we invite all children and parents to whom offers have been made to an afternoon at the school, both in the Lent term preceding entry and again in the Summer term, by which time we will have allocated them to their particular Kindergarten class.