Book a Tour

In addition to Open Days, while visiting the site is restricted due to Covid-19 and schools remain open, we would like to offer you a chance to visit the school on Saturday. While we would much prefer to invite you to visit on a normal school day, our Saturday tours, led by the staff, are still a good way to see the facilities and ask questions.  After a tour we will follow this up with an online meeting with the Headmaster and/or the Head of the Junior Department as appropriate.  You are most welcome to bring your children on the tour, but you need not imagine that the school will be 'interviewing' them or otherwise assessing them at this time. The purpose of the visit is simply that we should meet and get to know each other in a relaxed setting, and that you should have an opportunity to the see the school facilities, experience something of its atmosphere, discuss its educational approach and ask any questions before deciding whether to proceed with registration.

Contact the Registrar now to arrange your tour: or 01223 353652.