Book a Tour

In addition to Open Days, we offer you time to visit the school and get to know us, as we are, during the normal school day.  Indeed, the Registrar will arrange for you to spend a good deal of time at the school, touring each of the school's sites (usually with children) and meeting with herself, the Headmaster and/or the Head of the Junior Department as appropriate.  You are most welcome to bring your children but you need not imagine that the school will be 'interviewing' them or otherwise assessing them at this time. The purpose of the visit is simply that we should meet and get to know each other in a relaxed setting, and that you should have an opportunity to the see the school in action, experience its atmosphere, discuss its educational approach and ask any questions before deciding whether to proceed with registration.

Contact the Registrar now to arrange your tour: or 01223 353652.