Emotions for Learning (E4L)

Emotions for Learning (E4L) is a curriculum and an approach to learning and relating at school that has been developed uniquely at St John’s. We have created an entire social and emotional curriculum for our youngest children; based on research and evidence about how children’s minds and brains develop. It is designed to encourage children to express their opinions and feelings and give them the knowledge, skills and understanding they will need to be able to think creatively and problem solve effectively in all areas of their lives.  In addition to the children receiving regular E4L lessons, we invite parents to specific training events for them to learn what E4L is and how it works.

The E4L ‘way of being’ encompasses everything that we believe about child development, well-being, the importance of teacher-child relationships and effective ways of learning. E4L is not simply a curriculum, it is a part of how we are at St John’s.

E4L is all about your feelings and how you control them. The stilling helps you to calm down and get ready for the next part of the day at school.

We do role play where we act out different problems and ideas and we think of how we can solve them.

In E4L there are 3 steps to problem solving, stop and calm down, think and say the problem and feeling, then do. It works.