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@ SJCS_Cambridge

Nov 2020

'What does thinking look like?' part of 2K's work on critical thinking & discussions about how our brains work. The children presented their ideas - which were bubbling over with creative originality, such as a bridge to happiness & a green screen to film precious moments.

Form 1 Roman Day 2020

Nov 2020
Form 1 experienced the world of ancient Rome with a Roman Day workshop. The children were transported back to Roman Britain with a recreation of life in the past including role-play, practical activities and hands-on experiences with Roman replica artefacts. The children were aptly dressed as Roman citizens, slaves or even barbarians!

Form 4 Hinduism Talk 2020

Nov 2020
Current parent, Mrs Patel, gave an insightful talk to Form 4 about the customs and traditions of Hinduism, one of the world’s oldest religions and the religion they are currently studying in class. The children found out about the Hindu belief that life is a cycle of birth, death and rebirth and that the actions in this life, or ‘karma’, have an effect on the future.