The Admissions Process

The main points of admission to St John's for day pupils are at 4+ into the Kindergarten (up to 40 children) and at 7+ into the 1st Form (up to 16 children).  Admission at other ages is dependent upon the availability of places.  Admission to Boarders aged 8 and above is dependent upon a place being available in the day school.  Admission to Choristers (aged 8+ when they join the school) is by a Voice Trial.

Entry to the school at the 4+ stage is by registration and parental interview.  There is no formal assessment of children at this stage other than to ensure that a child is ready for a school environment.  Two-thirds of the school’s intake is thus non-selective.  At 7+, the intake is selective only in so far as we seek to ensure that a child will cope with the demands of our strong academic curriculum and, as such, seek to answer the question ‘will this child be happy here?’  Overall, then, the pupil population is of mixed ability though by the time the children leave the average attainment on standardised tests is well above the 80th percentile nationally.

Having registered your application for a place for your child, you will thereafter be kept fully informed, by the Registrar, of the progress of the admissions process. We do our best to avoid creating large waiting lists and to give you the earliest possible indication of whether a place will be available. We understand that in a matter as important as the education of one's child, the admissions process can be an anxious one and we endeavour to reduce this anxiety wherever possible.

The school considers itself a community in which each individual’s needs should be recognised and each of its members’ talents and aptitudes should be fostered. It is as a living and caring community that the school is committed to a policy of equal opportunities for children, parents and staff. The school will not discriminate against anyone on grounds of their racial or ethnic origin, culture, health conditions, circumstances relating to home life, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs or, where practicable, disabilities. 

Further information can be gained through the links provided below and from the Registrar, Mrs Emma Luck ( or 01223 353652).

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