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Three children dressed in Tudor costume sitting at a table

Form 3' 'Life in Tudor England' Day 2023

Dec 2023
Form 3 turned back the clock to 1536 and lived a day in the life of Tudor times in the reign of King Henry VIII. The life and times of this period, including the worry of being caught up in a plot or being treated by the best in medical expertise at the time (i.e. being given very bad medicine and being given a hole in the head!) was brought to life for Form 3 with a ‘History Off the Page’ Tudor Workshop.  
Two children dressed as angels

T1s Perform 'Christmas with the Aliens' 2023

Nov 2023
T1’s rendition of their nativity production, Christmas with the Aliens, centred around the traditional Christmas story being retold to some alien visitors. Stranded on earth with their broken spaceship, they meet a group of schoolchildren about to rehearse their Christmas play. Invited to watch, the aliens discover an amazing story they want the whole universe to hear. But will the aliens be able to mend their spaceship and travel back to outer space whilst also learning what the true meaning of Christmas is along the way?
Children standing in front of music stands playing wind instruments wearing Christmas attire

Piazza Brass Christmas Concert 2023

Nov 2023
St John's has hosted a wealth of informal lunchtime and evening concerts this term and the whole school community is looking forward to the two Services in Preparation for Christmas at St John's College Chapel this week. In the week prior to these Services talented musicians across Senior House performed this year's Piazza Brass concert. Our musicians and music teachers alike donned festive jumpers, hats and sparkling tinsel to create a festive atmosphere with some even draping the instruments themselves.
4 children dress in Roman costumes

Form 1 'Life in Roman Britain' Day 2023

Nov 2023
Form 1 embarked on an journey into the world of ancient Rome through an immersive Roman Day workshop with 'History Off the Page'. Transported back in time to a bustling Roman fort, the children were engrossed in a vivid recreation of life during that era and engaged in hands-on activities such as becoming lamp, leather and metals workers, wax tablet and mosaic workers, scribes, fresco painters, beauticians and charm makers. 
Boy sitting at a table drawing on a piece of paper

Forms 3 and 4 Participate in 'The Big Draw'

Nov 2023
As part of their Enrichment Afternoon programme, the children in Forms 3 and 4 took part in 'The Big Draw Festival'. The Festival is a worldwide celebration of drawing which promotes the universal language of drawing as a tool for learning, expression and invention. This year the Festival focused on the five senses - touch, sight, sound, taste and smell, exploring the way we process the world and internalise our experiences through their senses.   
Children standing in rows in a chapel singing facing a choir master

St John's College Choir's 'Cushion' Concert

Nov 2023
Last month, St John's College Choir hosted its first ever 'Cushion Concert' conducted by Director of Music, Mr Christopher Gray in the serene surroundings of the College Chapel. The free family-friendly concert included performances of engaging classical and crossover pop classics from Purcell's Sound the Trumpet to Gary Barlow's Sing, as well as the beautiful folk song, Shenandoah. The concert had a relaxed feel as families and children were encouraged to bring a cushion to sit right up at the front to enjoy the performance.
3 children sitting at a small table eating soup

Kindergarten Enjoy Cambridge Market Trip

Oct 2023
Before half term our two Kindergarten classes took a trip to Cambridge market in the centre of the city to buy some vegetables to make soup with back at School. Getting to the market involved a trip on our school minibus as well as a short walk past historic Colleges and well-known sites to reach the market stall. The cross-curricular trip was a real-life lesson in managing money, an adventure out of the School grounds, and a chance to learn about seasonal vegetables and cooking. 
A man and woman facing each other, dancing and holding hands in front of an audience of children sitting on the floor

Young Shakespeare Company Perform 'Romeo and Juliet' 2023

Oct 2023
The children in Forms 4 and 5 were treated to a captivating and often humorous adaptation of the Young Shakespeare Company’s touring production of ‘Romeo and Juliet’. The Young Shakespeare Company specialise in introducing Shakespeare's plays to a younger audience. They skilfully involve the children by stopping at crucial points in the play, explaining the key plot lines and seeking audience participation.
children sitting at a picnic table

Form 4 Iron Age Trip to Wandlebury Country Park 2023

Oct 2023
Form 4 visited Wandlebury Country Park, a 110-acre estate in the Gog Magog hills, just south of Cambridge. The children spent a whole day’s learning about the life of the inhabitants of the Iron Age. They had a guided tour of the site, learnt all about Wandlebury's past and what evidence has been found to show what it would have looked like in the Iron Age, including the hill fort complete with circular ditch. At its heart is the historic Wandlebury Ring - the remains of an iron age hill fort and 18th century stables and gardens.
Boys playing rugby

St John's Colts enjoy 'Curtain Raiser' at Rugby School - Michaelmas 2023

Oct 2023
St John’s joined fellow schools to play in bicentenary celebration rugby matches at the birthplace of the sport - Rugby School. Two hundred years ago, in 1823, William Webb Ellis took the ball in his arms and ran with it on The Close at Rugby School; the game known as football subsequently became named rugby football and is now known globally as rugby.