Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths Subjects (STEM)

Arithmetical skills are essential in Maths but there can be more to Maths than this - we aim to make mathematicians who can problem solve and pursue their own investigations and so deepen their mathematical understanding.

Science gives children a knowledge of the physics and chemistry and biology of their world but we aim to do more, to challenge our children to be scientists, to question, to experiment, to make and answer their own questions together.

In Design Technology, children learn the skills of construction with a wide range of materials but we aim for more - for our children to be designers, inventing problems, creating solutions, engineering the three-dimensional world. In using Information Technology, we focus on Digitally Enhanced Learning – not simply teaching children to use the tools but discovering when and how technology can best be harnessed to learning, be it by fostering independent or shared research, by using social networking for collaborative learning within and beyond school or by learning coding and taking control of the tools themselves. A deeper curriculum gives children knowledge and it also gives them ‘agency’ – it develops them as active learners, taking responsibility for their learning.