Break Times

At Byron House break times vary by year group.

In Kindergarten and T1, children have free-flow access across both classrooms in the year group as well as the outside area for most of the day. Children are also able to choose when to have their snack in the morning, so that they are able to engage at a deeper level in their play without being interrupted for a snack time in a timetabled slot. The continual access to outside area means that they do not need to have scheduled morning or afternoon breaks on most days. However, when they have specialist lessons, they will have a break before or after the lesson either in their own classrooms / outside area, or in the playground with the older children.

Children in T2-Form 2 have a morning break at 10.25-10.45 am and an afternoon break at 2.40-2.50 pm, as well as a break at lunchtime.

At Senior House, all children have breaks at 10.10-10.25 am, 11.30-11.45 am and 2.55-3.05 pm, as well as a break at lunchtime.