Getting to School

Walking / Cycling

For families who live close to the School walking or cycling can be the easiest, quickest and healthiest way to get to and from School. The County Council provides some useful tips on travel in and around Cambridge.  Cycle routes in and around Cambridge can be found on the National Cycle Route website.  At Byron House there are sets of bicycle racksshelters available for use by children or when dropping off and collecting. At Senior House bicycle racks are available for children along North Drive.

Travel Options

If distance dictates the use of a car, there are still various options available including Car Sharing schemes. If these are not appropriate for your situation, we kindly ask that you observe some simple guidelines when parking or dropping off.

As well as the School minibuses from the Royston, Saffron Walden and Barley areas, there are a number of bus and coach services available in the Cambridge area. The County Council website offers details on bus services (including timetables, routes, and changes to services) and Grange Road is well served by the 'U' service in particular. The city's Park & Ride service is also a useful option for some.


Cambridge's central rail station is located to the south of the centre of the city and its second station, Cambridge North, is located on the north side of the city near the Science Park and close to the A14. There are frequent services from the Royston area from the south and from Ely to the north on the King’s Cross line and from the Saffron Walden area on the Liverpool Street line. There are also direct services to Norwich and Bury St Edmunds.
There is a direct city bus service, the U, which operates approximately every 15 minutes from the main station.  It departs from Stop 8 at the Railway Station and stops in front of Byron House and at the top end of Madingley Road, a few paces from Senior House; a timetable is available on the Traveline website.  
For details on train services into and out of Cambridge, please consult