Form 3 Maths 'Design a Board Game' Afternoon

Form 3 took part in a Maths Faculty Afternoon, as part of our Enrichment Programme. The aim was for the children to work collaboratively to design their own board game with the additional challenge of including algebraic expressions as part of the game.

The children had to design a board game based on substituting into algebraic expressions. They were given an introduction into algebra, discussed real life examples of algebraic expressions and played example board games. In addition, the children discussed branding, logos, strap lines, the design process and trialling. After this the children were encouraged to create a name and a logo, design the layout of their board game, create algebraic expressions and add these to spaces on the board. There was the chance to trial their game in order to identify any problems and alter if necessary and then finalise their game.

Head of Maths, Mr Rob Carter, explained, “The children had the chance to play games which were designed by their peers, discover faults and suggest improvements. It was as much about focusing on their core learning mindsets of communication, collaboration, perseverance and rigour as much as it was about applying their algebraic mathematical knowledge.”

Our Thursday afternoon Enrichment programme for children in Forms 3 to 6 offers ‘off-timetable’ time during the school day to cater for a wide range of enrichment activities. In addition to the regular schedule of lessons in the ‘My Mind’ programme (incorporating Philosophy, Tai Chi, Mindfulness, Critical Thinking, Study Skills and Online Safety) , each term we are able to offer a wide range of talks, trips, workshops, faculty sessions and activities to enrich the children’s learning.