Form 4 Orienteering and Park Management at Wandlebury Country Park 2018

Form 4 visited Wandlebury Country Park, a 110 acre estate in the Gog Magog hills, just south of Cambridge for an orienteering activity and to learn about the history of the park and park management.

The children spent the morning discovering that orienteering is an adventurous sport, as well as being incredibly competitive! The children learnt new map reading skills in an exciting and energetic way. They used accurate yet speedy observations to relate features on the ground to symbols on the map. Head of Geography, Miss Grant, explained, “I very pleased with all of Form 4 but especially those that had completed two different orienteering routes in record times!”

In the afternoon, the children further enhanced their map reading and compass skills whilst navigating themselves around the park. During this activity the children were able to appreciate the beautiful woodland and grassland areas of the park, as well as understand the need to protect and conserve it for future generations.