'Grow A Pound' Project for Humanitas Charity

The ‘Grow Your Money’ initiative, now in its seventh year, has raised nearly £2,000 for Humanitias charity. The initiative is designed to encourage each child to discover and develop their entrepreneurial skills, by converting the £1 they are each given into more money for charity.  Over the Easter holidays, the children brought home their £1 and they had until Summer half term to grow this pound into more money, through whichever way the children decided. 

This is an ongoing project which the school will continue to be involved with throughout its development and we are excited about the future of the school and children of Ayensueko, in connection with the Humanitas charity. Mr Steve Harding, Head of History, explained, “Ayensueko now has a thriving school where the children can learn the skills that they need in order to be able to make a difference in their community and their futures.”

This year’s ‘Grow a Pound’ efforts have seen children throughout the school raise money through ingenious schemes such as cake baking, providing a dog-walking service, weeding gardens and washing cars. One Byron House fundraiser said, “I baked and sold caked at the Thriplow Daffodil Weekend and it was really busy!” Another ‘entrepreneur’ enthused, “One Sunday morning I used the £1 I had been given to buy the eggs I needed, sold the cakes I had made to neighbours and I raised £27."