Kindergarten Enjoy Cambridge Market Trip


Before half term our two Kindergarten classes took a trip to Cambridge market in the centre of the city to buy some vegetables to make soup with back at School. Getting to the market involved a trip on our school minibus as well as a short walk past historic Colleges and well-known sites to reach the market stall. The cross-curricular trip was a real-life lesson in managing money, an adventure out of the School grounds, and a chance to learn about seasonal vegetables and cooking. 

Each child had 50p to pay for a vegetable of their choice but had the chance to look carefully at the market stall so they could decide which produce they wanted to purchase. With only a little assistance, they asked the stall holder for their vegetable, handed over the money and also received the change. Their vegetables came in a sustainable paper bag which could then be recycled once used. 

On their return, the children helped to turn their mix of choices into a hearty delicious soup, that they loved tasting! Having discussed the health and safety procedures of using utensils to chop up their food, they donned chef hats and aprons to make smaller chunks ready for the soup to be made.

"I loved the soup! It tasted fresh because we had only just bought the vegetables from the market."