T2 Remote Learning Buildings Challenge 2021

As part of T2’s remote learning they were set a challenge to research a famous building or landmark around the world and create a model of it from materials they had at home, recycled objects, construction toys, Lego or anything they felt was suitable. The children created, amongst others, the Sydney Opera House, Eiffel Tower, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament and the Great Wall of China.

The children thought about what job an architect does before listening to the story of ‘Iggy Peck, Architect’. This tells the tale of a boy who has been interested in buildings since the age of 2 and his one passion is buildings. When his schoolteacher announces that she dislikes architecture Iggy faces a dilemma but the story reveals more about believing in yourself and following your passions and a book that mixes creativity with curiosity and critical thinking.

Afterwards T2 studied famous landmarks and took some time to do their own research, with the help of some landmark cards. They were asked to ponder: What do you notice? What building materials are used? Where are they in the world? Can you plan and then build a model of one of these landmarks - what will you use? What can you discover about this landmark? Alongside their models, the children also created an associated fact file to discover more about their chosen landmark.

As an extension challenge the children had the option to take a photo or make a drawing of their landmark model.  They measured height, width and perimeter planned how to create a landscape around the base. Some children also spent time locating their landmark using a globe and atlas and marking them on maps. One T2 child remarked, ‘It was such a fun project and we learned lots about our own buildings but lots about others around the world too. Everyone used whatever materials they had at home so they all looked really different.’

For more information about the book, 'Iggy Peck, Architect' please click on the link to watch a short clip.