Valuables and Jewellery

No money is needed other than fares for transport to and from School and for the collection at the Special Service Assemblies in the School Chapel for Senior House pupils or for charity events. Children should not be sent to School with valuable items. All personal items should be named and watches name-engraved on the back.

Although the School tries to take the greatest care of valuables (e.g. musical instruments, sports equipment), such items do from time to time suffer damage or theft. Musical instruments and sports equipment, (including the School’s musical instruments on temporary loan), should be covered by an “All Risk” insurance policy taken out by you.

For safety reasons, no jewellery of any kind may be worn in School. We discourage the practice of ear-piercing for pupils. Where ears are pierced, only studs (not sleepers) may be worn at School and must be removed or covered for any Games or PE lessons, including swimming.