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Eco Committee’s Allotment Harvest

Nov 2013
The Eco Committee’s highly successful new allotment has given the children hands-on experience of the plant life-cycle and is helping to instil a love of gardening at an early age. Lettuces and carrots were harvested at the end of the summer term and potatoes and turnips have grown in abundance over the holidays, ready to be harvested at the start of the Michaelmas term. The Headmaster, Mr Kevin Jones, and other members of staff were the lucky recipients of samples of the allotment’s produce and the committee members were also able to take the vegetables home to share with their families.

Form 2 Design and Build Wind Turbines

Nov 2013
Two recent STEM ‘Wonder’ Afternoons saw all the children in Form 2 working collaboratively on an engineering challenge to design and construct wind turbines to lift an object at the same time. The children worked in groups, modifying their turbines as they tested the efficiency of their designs.

St John’s Wins SATIPS Poetry Competition 2012

Aug 2012
St John’s College School has been named winner of the SATIPS (Support and Training in Prep Schools) Poetry Competition 2012, a national competition aimed at children in Years 3 to 8. Anna Mullock, 12, was awarded 1st place in the Years 7 and 8 category for her poem ‘Typewriter’ and Lucy Howard, 11, was awarded 3rd place in the same category for her poem ‘Quiet’.  Commendations were also received by William Hogarth and Eloise Lipscombe, both 11, and Isabella Greenwood, 13.