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U11 Boys’ Colts V11 Qualify for Regional Hockey Finals

Feb 2020
The U11 Boys’ Colts’ VII team showed skill and commitment to finish in second place at the recent County Hockey Tournament held at the Perse Prep. As a result they will be travelling to Gresham's School in Norfolk for the Regional Finals on 6 March.

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Feb 2020

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Pupils building two-legged walking robots in STEM activity

Form 4 'Robot Duck' STEM Faculty Afternoon

Feb 2020
Form 4 took part in a STEM Faculty workshop as part of our Thursday afternoon enrichment programme and had the chance to create a walking ‘Robot Duck’ from a Mindsets Kit. They had a set time to assemble a pack of parts, or basic components, for the basic two-legged (bipedal) walker. Despite having all the basic components, including pre-cut plates, they did not have all the final answers and their creative involvement ranged from investigation of mechanical variables to a re-think of geometry.  
Choir Tour to Aix-en-Provence and the Netherlands

St John's College Choir Tours to Aix-en-Provence and The Netherlands

Feb 2020
The Choristers embarked on two festive tours with the St John’s College Choir prior to Christmas, the first to Aix-en-Provence in France and the second to the Netherlands. During their trip to the Netherlands, the Choristers also enjoyed some time sightseeing in Rotterdam at the Maritime Museum, as well as a stadium tour of Feyenoord FC.